Business Services

I offer consultancy, business development and partnership management services in the agri-food sector. I also offer training focused on communicating across cultures.



In my portfolio you can find more information about specific projects.


Business Development

I have experience with driving small teams forward. I have been involved in various large grant application projects and in distilling strategic vision and an associated roadmap. I have also represented organisations at international conferences with the aim of creating new partnerships. 

Project management

international collaboration

Cross-cultural Communication


International cooperation is expensive and projects do not always reach the intended outcomes. In my view, this is due to communication, communication, and communication as well as the absence of flexible frameworks. It is not sufficient to sit with your partner once a month to discuss milestones. In order to create a shared understanding of a project, investment in relationships is necessary. 


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“Justa’s determination, doggedness and vision has really driven us forward”


Roger Greenhalgh, Technical Lead Food & Farming Futures

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