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Grant funding

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grants & Funding


As an academic and project manager active in international development I have contributed to various grant applications. I have also contributed to consortium building activities that led to successful grant applications. 


Personally I have been generously supported by various foundations and I gratefully acknowledge their trust and invaluable backing. I am always happy to assist anyone looking to apply to the funds listed below. 



Funds received


I gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organisations, which have supported me at crucial stages in my life and have enabled me to take various turns on my career path. 


The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds partly financed my PhD

The Land Deal Politics Initiative, founded at the International Institute of Social Studies, supported my research into land grabbing in Jordan

The Aberystwyth Doctoral Career Development Scholarship partly funded my PhD studies 

Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah Foundation/BRISMES partly funded my research into food system change in Jordan

The British Academy Small Grant scheme supported my post-doctoral archival research on collective food policy-making

St Hilda’s College sport and travel grants enabled me to progress as an athlete and academic 



grants COntributed to


USAID – SCALE (2019 – successful) 

Royal Society of Arts, Commerce & Manufacturing Catalyst Fund (2022 – unsuccessful )

Innovate UK (2022 – pending)