Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

Original paper with Alasdair Cochrane and Merisa Thompson, “Democratising Food: The Case for a Deliberative Approach”. Review of International Studies, 46(4), pp. 435-455.

Original paper, (2015) “Planning in the wind”: the failed Jordanian agricultural investments in Sudan. Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 36(2), 196-207.

Review paper, Hopma, J. and Woods, M. (2014). Political geographies of ‘food security’ & ‘food sovereignty’. Geography Compass, 8(11), 773-784.

Book Reviews

“Book review: Militarizing the Nation: The Army, Business, and Revolution in Egypt” by Zeinab Abul-Magd, Antipode Online, January 2019.

“Book review: Reclaiming food security” by Michael Carolan, Journal of Agriculture and Human Values. 10.1007/s10460-014-9571-x

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“Book review: Food, Farming and Freedom: Sowing the Arab Spring” by Rami Zurayk, Journal of Peasant Studies, Vol.40, Issue 4, 657-660.

Working papers

“The Politics of Interdisciplinary Research”, invited contribution to the David Davies Memorial Institute Davies Working Papers: Africa Series #4, 2014.

“Jordanian Investments in Agriculture Abroad and at Home: the quest for secure access to food”, Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI), Working Paper No. 22, 2012.

Dictionary entries & Subject guides

Oxford Dictionary of Politics and International Relations, 4th Edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018).Entries: Arab League; Arab Spring; jihad

Global Social Theorywebpage (2015), University of Warwick, Entries: Food Security; Food Sovereignty.

Global Food Security’ teaching resource, invited contribution to Welsh Baccalaureate Global Citizenship curriculum.

Conference Presentations

Pictorial Evaluation Tools®: Assessing Crop Yield & Livestock in Developing Countries’, Poster presentation, N8 Agri-food annual conference, Liverpool, 14-15 June 2018.

‘Food Sovereignty: policy and practice in Bolivia’, Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, New Orleans (USA), 7-10 April 2018.

‘Food and Power: The cultural political economy of Jordan’s charitable food sector’, Paper presented at the Third Conference on Cultural Political Economy, Lancaster, Sept. 2017.

 ‘The Politics of Insecurity: A Political Economy Analysis of Food & Power in Jordan’, International colloquium ‘When Authoritarianism Fails in the Arab World’ (WAFAW), Beirut (Lebanon), October 2016.

‘Jordan as “Regional Hub”: the material infrastructure of food provisioning’, Paper presented at the ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Centre Human Geography Symposium, Newtown, March 2015.

‘Beyond Import-dependence? Food Security in the Middle East’, Paper presented at the ‘Sustainable Urban Food Systems’ conference, Rheims (France), June 2014.

‘”No one can solve this problem but God”: Conflicting ideas on food security in the Arab Region’, British International Studies Association PG conference, Dublin, June, 2014.

‘The Politics of Food in the Middle East: A Critical Perspective’, Paper presented at the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES), Dublin, June, 2013.

‘Jordanian investments in agriculture abroad and at home’, Second International Conference on Global “Land grabbing”, Ithaca (USA), October 2012.

‘Conflict between Bedouin communities and conservation agencies in Jordan’, Middle Eastern Studies Association (MESA) annual conference, Washington D.C. (USA), December, 2011.

Invited Presentations & Keynotes

‘The Politics of Saving Water in Perú’, Invited presentation to the School of Natural & Environmental Sciences, Agriculture Seminar Series, Newcastle University, December 2018.

Of markets, monocultures and responsibility: the politics of global food’, Invited keynote lecture at MEDSIN annual student conference, Newcastle University, 29 April, 2017.

‘Food Sovereignty’, Aber Food Colloquium “Making local and sustainable food at University possible”, Aberystwyth ‎University, 23 October 2013. Invited panel member.

‘Food security in the Middle East: Past, Present and Future’, Invited paper presented at the Oxford Global Food Security conference, Oxford, April, 2013.